If you are like many Clevelander’s today, you may be in a situation where you are overwhelmed with debt and having difficulty making your mortgage payments. You may be considering some form of debt relief such as short sale, consolidation, settlement, or even bankruptcy. Like thousands of others, you may have been affected by a job loss, divorce, medical expenses or overwhelming credit card debt. You may find yourself unsure of what your next step should be. Having to confront handling your finances can be a difficult thing to do, but ignoring them can lead to dire consequences.

 When facing these issues it can be difficult to determine what course of action you should take to seek relief. This is a potentially sensitive and complex matter that will have lasting effects on you and your family. With the right information and advice provided to you by an honest legal professional, you have the opportunity to make a decision that will positively impact your finances – and put your concerns to rest.

Our firm, led by Partners Angelo Russo and Michael Rieke, has been helping the residents of Cleveland and the surrounding communities for over 10 years. Our legal staff provides you with personal attention and focuses on bankruptcy and foreclosure law, so that you know your attorney is well-versed in all aspects of bankruptcy. We will stand with you through this process, from start to finish - we aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.

 Eliminate Your Debt

Many people assume that bankruptcy should never be an option, buying into the many bankruptcy myths that surround the process. It appears complex, frightening, and may seem insurmountable, something from which you can never recover. This is a myth! Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be the end of your life. With the proper guidance and experienced legal support of a knowledgeable Russo and Rieke, LLC bankruptcy attorney, reorganizing and eliminating your debt could be the start of the next chapter in your life.

 By sitting down and evaluating your situation with you, your lawyer will be able to help you decide whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 would be a better fit. We will help you understand all of the aspects caused and affected by your situation, including foreclosure, credit card debt and life after bankruptcy. By thoroughly and completely comprehending both the process and all the ramifications, you can feel more comfortable as your begin to navigate through it with the help of your bankruptcy lawyer at your side.